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Online Tour of the Polymers: A Properties Database

Online Tour of the Polymers: A Properties Database

Welcome to the online tour of The Chapman & Hall / CRC Polymers: A Properties Database

Fig. 1: The Polymers welcome screen.

This product contains almost 1000 polymers and 1500 monomers all cross referenced.

There are two sections of the database that can be searched independently, 'Polymers' and 'Monomers'. Monomers can be searched by structure and/or properties. You may use the monomers you have identified to cross-reference to polymer entries, or you may use the extensive property search capabilities on the polymers data directly.

The polymers section of the database can be searched using 92 possible properties combined in any way you choose. These are grouped into the following sections:

  • General Description
  • Volumetric and Calorimetric Properties
  • Surface Properties and Solubility
  • Transport Properties
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Electrical Properties
  • Optical Properties
  • Polymer Stability
  • Applications and Commercial Products

We hope that you enjoy the tour.

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